eCommerce Parcel Delivery Errors For UK Online Retailers & How To Avoid Them With FP Parcel Shipping.

April 17, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, your eCommerce parcel delivery & shipping process is essential to the success of any online store. Unfortunately, small mistakes in this process can lead to major headaches, including additional costs and unhappy customers. Discover the top 8 common package shipping mistakes and how to avoid them to improve your service and grow your business.

Errors in the address due to inaccurate entry: A correct address is the key to successful delivery. Unfortunately, errors in addresses are common, from simple typos to forgetting important details such as prefixes. These errors can lead to delays, incorrect deliveries, or loss of the package. To prevent this, Parcel Shipping offers address verification. Our platform automatically checks and corrects addresses, which greatly reduces the chance of errors.

Unexpected surcharges due to incorrect shipping options: With parcel delivery, it is not only the actual weight that counts, but the volumetric weight also plays an important role. The volumetric weight calculates the shipping costs based on the dimensions – length, width and height – multiplied together, which becomes especially important for large but light packages. This means that the rate for a light package can still be based on the volumetric weight, which is often higher.

The risk of uninsured shipments: Parcel delivery without insurance can be risky, for valuable goods we always recommend opting for insured shipping. This entitles you to compensation if something goes wrong. Via Parcel Shipping you can indicate that you want to send a package and have it insured when completing your desired carrier options. To select the desired amount, go to ‘Extra services’ and then enter the amount under ‘Insurance’. This way you protect yourself against unexpected costs due to damage or loss.

Overlooked return costs: If you have an online store, a clear returns policy can attract more customers and make them happier. Many people look at return policies before purchasing anything. If your policy is good and clear, it can help you get more customers. So, for your online store: make sure you’re clear about how customers can return items and consider giving them plenty of time to decide. This can help prevent problems and ensure that customers are and remain satisfied.

The importance of clear communication during shipments: Many consumers do not complete their purchase if shipping costs do not arise until later in the purchasing process. So make sure that you share the most important information about your eCommerce products including, the estimated delivery time, postage costs, return policy & the available stock of the product.
It is also important to keep customers well informed about the shipping status. For example, send updates with every status change of the package, including Track & Trace information.

Create a label directly with the carrier: Creating a parcel delivery shipping label directly with a carrier may seem like the most obvious option, but this can be unexpectedly expensive. Carriers often offer higher rates for customers without a contract, causing costs to quickly add up. Moreover, getting an affordable contract with a carrier can be a challenge, especially for smaller online stores. Through partnerships with various carriers, eCommerce stores can benefit from low rates without entering into direct contracts with the carriers. Moreover, Parcel Shipping easily integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Woo Commerce, which further makes the shipping process even easier!

Creating a label for Multi-shipment or Multi-recipients: A common mistake in online store shipping is creating labels separately for each shipment. This is time-consuming and misses optimisation opportunities, especially for multiple shipments. A solution is using multi-shipment or multi-recipients, allowing you to generate labels for multiple packages or recipients at once. This approach increases efficiency by creating all labels in one session, eliminating the need to repeat the shipping process for each parcel delivery. It also reduces human errors by streamlining and automating data entry, ensuring accurate shipping and customer satisfaction with reliable delivery.

Sending dangerous goods against the rules: Certain products, especially hazardous substances, are subject to strict shipping regulations. These substances, like flammable or toxic materials, pose risks due to their properties. Examples include certain paints, electronics, or lithium batteries. It’s crucial to indicate what you’re shipping. For hazardous items, you must complete a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This document informs carriers about your shipment’s contents, determining if it’s hazardous.

An MSDS provides 16 points detailing the product’s properties. Based on this, carriers decide if your package can be shipped. Additionally, your package needs an identification number, like a UN or ID number. Air freight has even stricter requirements. If unsure if your product is hazardous, contact the carrier’s customer service. They’ll confirm and provide the necessary MSDS form. This ensures compliance, minimises risks and costs, and ensures safe delivery.

Efficiently sending packages plays an important role in the success of any eCommerce store. Despite all efforts, simple mistakes can cause unexpected problems. The result is that additional costs or customer dissatisfaction may arise. This blog discusses the 8 common mistakes in online store shipping and offers practical solutions to avoid them, saving you both time and money and improving service to your customers.

Errors in the address due to inaccurate entry
Unexpected surcharges due to incorrect shipping options
The risk of uninsured shipments
Return costs that are overlooked
The importance of clear communication during shipments
Create a label directly with the carrier
Creating multi labels for shipments or recipients
Sending dangerous goods against the rules

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