Ship. Track. Save.

Create, print, and track all your shipping labels on one powerful platform

  • Save money on your shipping costs

    Our exclusive discounts make it cheaper than ever to send packages

  • Always the best shipping option

    Compare different services & rates, and choose the one that best suits your shipment

  • Print labels with one click

    Our intuitive interface makes creating and printing shipping labels a breeze

  • Complete overview

    View the real-time statuses, locations, and the history of your sent packages, and set up automatic workflows & notifications

<p>Try Parcel Shipping</p>
<p>Try Parcel Shipping</p>

Try Parcel Shipping

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Parcel Shipping?

    Parcel Shipping is a simple online platform where you can create shipping labels at our discount rates, or use your own negotiated rates. You create labels digitally, and print them with one click of a button.

  • How does Parcel Shipping work?

    We have improved the entire shipping experience with Parcel Shipping. It’s simple to use:

    1. Enter the recipient’s details
    2. Enter the dimensions and weight of your package
    3. Choose a carrier and service
    4. Print the label and attach it … and you’re done!

  • What does Parcel Shipping cost?

    We offer different account levels, depending how many packages you send every month.

  • Why is Parcel Shipping cheaper?

    We partner with different carriers, and you get to benefit from our negotiated discount rates. These rates are cheaper than the franking machine rate, and the rates companies receive working directly with the carriers.

  • Can I send my packages abroad?

    Yes. When you send packages abroad (or outside the Schengen region, if you’re sending from inside it) Parcel Shipping generates the customs forms and send them to the carrier.

  • Do I need to purchase equipment to use Parcel Shipping?

    No, this isn’t required. You can print labels on A4 with a printer, or with your own label printer. If you need a scale or label printer, we can help.

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