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Compare discounts, print labels, and track all shipments on one convenient platform

  • Great savings

    Our exclusive discounts will help you save! We’ve negotiated amazing discount rates with our partner carriers to give you the best prices regardless of your shipping volumes.

  • Wide carrier selection

    Browse all options to find the best fit for each parcel. View pricing, shipping speeds, and more on one convenient page.

    FP Parcel Shipping lets you automate orders from Shopify and WooCommerce with live updates when your orders are fulfilled, with the freedom to choose the shipping service best suited to your needs.

    We have partnered with major carriers for shipments within the UK and abroad, It’s quick and easy to connect your E-commerce store and start generating shipping labels.

Our Partners

  • DPD E-commerce shipping platform integration - Parcel shipping software
  • Woo commerce shipping platform integration - Parcel shipping software
  • E-commerce shipping platform integration - Parcel shipping software
  • Detailed dashboard

    See tracking updates, get notifications, and set up automatic workflows in one place. Stay on top of shipments and delivery timelines with ease.

  • Click & print

    Create and print your shipping labels in no time with our speedy label generator and printing system.

    Use your label printer or a desktop printer with A4 paper to easily print labels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Parcel Shipping?

    Parcel Shipping is an online platform where you can browse discounted shipping rates and services from multiple carriers, generate parcel labels, and print them with a single click.

    Preparing to ship a parcel from start to finish has never been so easy and fast with our all-in-one portal.

    Because we’ve negotiated lower rates with our shipping partners, you’ll have massive savings by avoiding the average market prices.

  • How does Parcel Shipping work?

    We’ve streamlined the entire shipping experience with Parcel Shipping. Here’s how it works:

    1. Enter the recipient details.
    2. Enter the dimensions and weight of your package.
    3. Choose a carrier and service.
    4. Print the label.

    Done! Stick the printed label on the package and pass it on to the courier. Sending the packages can be done in the following ways:

    • Drop off at the chosen carrier’s nearest location.
    • Arrange pickup with the chosen carrier.
  • What does Parcel Shipping cost?

    We offer different account levels depending on how many monthly packages you send. Parcel Shipping is free up to 100 parcels per month. We have several options for companies that send more packages, from £14.95 per month.

    Each option has its scale and special discounted rates. The more you send, the higher the discount you receive!

    Take a look at our pricing page for more information.

  • Why is Parcel Shipping cheaper?

    We negotiate great discounts with our partner carriers and pass those savings on to you. Our prices are much lower than those offered through franking machines or direct company partnerships with shipping carriers.


  • Can I send packages abroad?

    Yes. When sending packages outside of the UK, Parcel Shipping generates the customs forms and sends them directly to the carrier, saving you the extra work.

  • Do I need special equipment?

    No extra equipment is needed. You can print labels on A4 with a printer or using a label printer. If you need a scale or label printer, we can help!

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